Rehabilitation interventions are often delivered in a one-size-fits-all manner. In studying gait retraining interventions for knee osteoarthritis, we have found it imperative to use a precision medicine approach. We design personalized interventions, deploy them with mobile devices (wearables or video), and test them in clinical trials. These devices fill a critical gap in musculoskeletal healthcare—reducing pain and restoring function without surgery.

Representative Publications

Uhlrich S.D., Kolesar J.A., Kidziński L., Boswell M.A., Silder A., Gold G.E., Delp S.L., Beaupre G.S., 2022. Personalization improves the biomechanical efficacy of foot progression angle modifications in individuals with medial knee osteoarthritis. Journal of Biomechanics, 144:111312. Download PDF

Uhlrich S.D., Jackson R.W., Seth A., Kolesar J.A., Delp S.L., 2022. Muscle coordination retraining inspired by musculoskeletal simulations reduces knee contact force. Scientific Reports, 12(3):9842. Paper, News Story and Video

Uhlrich S.D., Silder A., Beaupré G.S. Shull, P.B. Delp, S.L., 2018. Subject-specific toe-in or toe-out gait modifications reduce the larger knee adduction moment peak more than a non-personalized approach. Journal of Biomechanics 66:p103-110. Download PDF