Welcome to the Movement Bioengineering Lab (MoBL)

Who we are

MoBL is a collaborative team of engineers, computer scientists, and clinicians who focus on restoring mobility for people with movement-related conditions. Starting with conversations with clinicians and patient groups, we identify needs, innovate solutions, and rigorously test them in clinical trials. Our ultimate aim is to translate these findings into meaningful improvements in the quality of life for individuals with limited mobility.

Professor Scott Uhlrich is the Principal Investigator

What we do

We develop wearable devices and mobile sensing algorithms that improve human mobility through the integration of biomechanics, machine learning, computer vision, wearables, imaging, and robotics. Applications include screening for injury risk using smartphone video, reducing joint pain from osteoarthritis using wearables, and creating video-based biomarkers of movement health.

                           Research areas                           

Computer vision + biomechanics

We develop open-source software for quantifying human movement from video. More...



Neuro-muscoskeletal simulation for device design

We design and evaluate wearable devices using dynamic simulations of human movement. More...


Wearables for precision rehabilitation

We design patient-specific rehabilitation interventions that can be delivered at scale. More...



Biomechanics + imaging

We explore how musculoskeletal tissues respond to load using advanced computational biomechanics and imaging techniques. More...